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Is a kind of green environment-friendly polymer composite materials, not only has the functionality, there are general characteristics of traditional vulcanized rubber products similar to the process without vulcanization. More commendable is that it is easy to use ordinary plastic processing methods to shape, such as: injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rolling, etc. made of rubber products, greatly simplifying the process and provide a diversified market more Design choices, significantly reduce costs, is internationally recognized green materials. In the production process, will not produce harmful substances and unpleasant odor, the processing equipment and operating personnel without injury. In the process of products produced in the process of the outlet, scrap can be 100% recycling, shows the friendly to the environment, not only reduces the cost of manufacturers of products, in line with environmental protection principles, eliminating the sales concerns Has been rapid application in various industries, and gradually replaced the traditional rubber products and PVC products.
·Non-toxic environmental protection, in line with national requirements for heavy metal content (EN71 and ASTM).
·Halogen-free, fully in line with EU RoHS directive.
·Meet the medical food hygiene (with FDA level to choose from).
·Without vulcanization, it has excellent plasticity.
·The outlet can be recycled.
·Good weather resistance, good electrical characteristics.
·Resistance to general chemical and oil resistance.
·Excellent touch, the surface can be oil, spraying, printing.
·Multi-material injection, co-extruded and ABS, PC, PA, PP, PS, SAN and other plastic bonding firmly.
·Wide choice of hardness (Shore 0A-Shore 65D).
·Wide range of temperature adaptation options (in -50 ℃ to 135 ℃ to maintain the rubber state).
·High elasticity, high extensibility, high tensile, low wear, low compression variants.
·According to the requirements of customers to adjust the most suitable material.
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