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Thermoplastic Elastomer (ThermoplasticElastomer), referred to as TPE, also known as thermoplastic thermoplastic rubber (Thermoplastic-Rubber), referred to as TPR, which includes a series of different types of thermoplastic elastomers. Application is more general...More
Soft PVC Main components Hydrocarbons Chlorine-containing hydrocarbons Characteristics General use Plastic molding machines General plastic molding machines Non-toxic, odor-free...More
1, the raw material pre-baked thermoplastic elastomer TPE under normal circumstances will not absorb moisture in the air, so the raw material is not necessary pre-bake, dry, if the product appearance is decisive, the raw material in the heating hopper at 50 ℃ Of the drying temperature of 2 to 4 hours...More
Defect phenomenon Possible cause Solution Finished product Die deformation Cooling time is too short, the product is not enough cooling Extended cooling time Open mold speed too fast...More
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